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Hello from Phoenix, AZ

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Hello everyone! My name is Chris, and I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm the owner of a small game service provider, and I've been lurking on these forums for quite sometime, so I thought it was time to make an account and dive in. I really like how much information is on this forum, its crazy. If I have a problem with anything hosting related, I can generally find it here. Just reading through the posts everyone seems friendly and inviting. I look forward to being apart of the community. One of my reasons for joining the forum is to help promote my new GSP company. We are a new GSP based in Phoenix, AZ, and we currently provide Steam source game servers. As I don't want this to turn into an advertisement for my company, I just wanted to mostly introduce myself I wont go into much more about the business. I look forward to reading and now being able to post to the forums. Thanks guys, dont throw me to the sharks yet smile.gif.


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