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Swiftpanel SteamCMD Update for CS 1.6 & CS:GO

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Hello folks,


I'm glad to present you my last plugin for Swiftpanel.
I'm talking about a SteamCMD updates with only 1 click.


How is this script working?
It's getting your box information, logging into the box using ssh2 extension on your web server, launching a screen as a background process & checking if an update is avalible for your server.

What does this script requires?
- SSH2 Extension installed on your web server

- Stable version of SteamCMD in your Home folder


What's the price of this script?
I don't have price for this script, but if you're interested in buying it you can feel free to contact me and we can make a fair deal.


Which plugins are on my planner?
- Console (for all games, not only for MC)

- Billing System

- Support system

- GameSwitch

- Plugin, Map, Addons manager


Do you have any other questions?

Contact me ! :)



Skype: bozinoski996



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Have you ever played Run 3 unblocked in your browser? A cool story about a little Martian going home. Cute and easy to master at the same time, try on your own!


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