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Python gaming

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Hello, there.
I am the proud owner of Python Gaming. We currently have 0 servers up, but tomorrow we will have 6 or 7 the game will be the follow.
1.TTT Gmod
2.Dark RP Gmod
3.JailBreak Cs:S
4.Mini Games cs:S
5.San Andreas mutliplayer RPG
6.Saxton Hail.

And we are goign to have a 150 slot Ventrilo.
We currently are hosting from a free webhost.
You can also reserve your admin for when the servers go up by appyling in the admin app section.
There will be more information on that on the webstie!!!
We do have friendly staff, we do nto sell admin.
We sell Donator for $10 it includes the following.
1.Reserved slots.
2..TTT 10% likely to be a tratior/detective
3.Dark RP ingame rank Donator
4.DArk RP jobs
5.Dark RP ingame cash $100000 for every $10.

You can also find friendly Staff there (if not stated above)
Forum rules.
2.No racism
3.No spamming
4.No sexism
5.No flaimg/disprespecting.
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