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(I didn't know where to post this so please be patient with me if this was not posted in the right section seeing as we aren't selling anything or offering game servers ;) )

Hello my fellow game server hosting nerds and nerdettes! Lets get to the nitty gritty and get the dirty out on this new company I'm so proud to be apart of.


I know many of you are wondering, what the heck idle reviews is. Well besides the obvious of being a review company. We do things differently here. Idle Reviews is full of gamers who care about gamers, wanting the gamer to save money by preventing them from buying a bad game. We don't just stop there, we also do game server provider reviews, web hosting reviews, and discount gaming rig reviews. Why do we do this? My question to you is why not? Most clans and teams if they can afford it, will have a server, and a website. A lot of clans and teams will pick the wrong company with bad business practices. This is where we step in. We take the leap of faith and get thrown around like rag dolls for the sake of you gamers out there! Also most people who get into computer gaming automaticaly think that sense it's a computer for gaming it needs to be 10 billion dollars and you need to take out a personal loan from your mommies and daddies to play your precious world of warcraft. We put that to the test, and try and debunk and save you guys lots of money.


Well it was already stated but let me clarify. I know I'm tired of the well known companies like IGN and so forth not talking to gamers. They give a bias opinion over the game and think it's a good review. Sadly this has to stop, it's not going to but dang it I WANT TO DREAM! What we will be doing is talking to gamers like gamers. What do I mean? Well not the n3rd rage and cussing at the screan, but we analize gameplay, is it actually an attention getter seeing as our attention span is on average now less then 8 seconds and that was in my class alone. (class of 09... I'm SUPER OLD) Also we are doing Gameserver provider reviews. We do this so the clans can always pick the best choice.. Sorry but and artofwarcentral and the 10 companies they have bought out are sadly not the best on the market.. You small guys are the best. We are here to expose you guys so maybe you can get more traffic, and get some awesome people buying from yall. The gaming server provider dream was/is very real to me, and I would LOVE to help out the little guy. We pair all that up with webhosting because each clan and team no matter how "l33t" they are want a website. The website is the center point for everything and a good meeting ground. Groups, and followings don't do anything. We expose the best webhost providers for the gamer. Unlimited everything is not always the best choice, as we found out the hard way with idle reviews and had to switch hosts... Epic sad face.


WHO WOULD RUN SUCH A WONDERFUL COMPANY!?!? Well gamers of course. I'd brag of my credentials but I'd have to kill all of you :blink:B)

Get to know the staff:



youtube: (please subscribe. :) Your support on youtube = super motivation to pump out content. B) ) <3

website: (on a count down till site launch)

email: - CEO - BOD - Just in case you get greedy and want to contact both of us at the same time..

We love the gamers, and the community that makes it what it is, pay the bills, and just make things happen. I hope you guys enjoy what we wright, blog, and tweet. We are here for you guys, and the profits earned mostly will go back out to the community. Please help us grow we can help you guys out more then you know. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this long winded, and hopefully entertaining writeup.


Staff at

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First reviews up, hopefully you guys enjoyed the style we bring out to the gaming commentary world :)!

Just so you guys know once again. Ststudz does stutter, but he toughed it out for us. Please give him a thumbs up and a subscribe for the effort he put forth. He also has a more in depth review that he himself wrote up on our website. Which it will go public during site release this January


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