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Found 8 results

  1. We've just launched, a hosting service with a custom-built web control panel for managing Rust servers. Our control panel lets you: -Automatically setup your server in minutes -Update/Restart your server -Configure the basic server settings -Access your server via FTP and RCON -Install Oxide We're a small team, but we do have experience hosting game servers. We launched in October, and we've hosted nearly a thousand 7 Days to Die servers since then. We love Rust and couldn't find a good custom control panel for it, so we built our own! Community feedback means everything to us, so we offer a 2-day free trial (no credit card required), so y'all can test our service with no strings attached. Very limited number of servers available right now (but they are fast!). Get your free server at
  2. A couple of things make Kinyobe unique. First, we have a simple web interface to configure the server, so there’s no dealing with plaintext files for server.cfg, map rotation, etc.. Secondly, with Kinyobe, you only pay for the time the server is running, so you can play any game you want without a monthly rental. We currently support Team Fortress 2 (TF2) and Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO). I've been building for a while and am finally ready to show it to the world. We are accepting some Alpha testers who will receive free hosting credit for their participation in the alpha program!
  3. Hello, I've been building with some friends for a while and are finally ready to show it to the world and are accepting some Alpha testers. A couple of things make Kinyobe unique. First, we have a simple web interface to configure the server, so there’s no dealing with plaintext files for server.cfg, map rotation, etc.. Secondly, with Kinyobe, you only pay for the time the server is running, so you can play any game you want without a monthly rental. It took me a little while to find an active community for GSPs, and am excited to be part of GSPtalk and share my progress and learn from the community.
  4. Hey guys, Here's the scoop; Iv been working on a gsp ground up for the last while here and finally have everything in the finalizing stages before I'm able to launch. Though there's two mainly important things missing. The first is a business partner. This partner must be qualified and taking some sort of business access course or already have (soo you've got that diploma eh?). You're probably wondering why that's soo important? Well I want my business to have a successful many years to come. So here's the catch. Iv created a responsive website bringing in one of a select few gsps that is mobile friendly (with the billing panel In the works of course, but don't worry its already integrated) soo this billing panel is whmcs but much like everything it's the unbranded licence. Aside from the billing I own a tcadmin licence and ipb. So the only thing left is the dedicated servers. Which is the second key thing you'd bring to the table. So if you think this is something you want to partake in, throw me a shout at Regards,
  5. I am looking for sales reps who are eager and determined to make money. What's in it for you? Well if you came here for a salary based job this is the wrong place. Here at Fiend Servers as a sales rep you will be making 100% commission. How the commission works and what your benefits are: You will be making straight commission on the customers you bring in, giving you the drive to bring more to earn more. On a monthly basis we will be hosting events for our Resellers thus giving you ample opportunity to earn more than just cash, even free games of your choice. The low down: for each customer you bring in, you earn a certain percentage of what they pay depending on what term they pick, so the longer their term, the higher percentage you get. When they renew, you keep earning the same percentage or higher, and if they lower their term, you commission won't be going down. It will always stay at the original or higher percentage, always sticking to your advantage. Now if that's not a deal breaker already then I'm not sure what more you can get in such a demanding industry. Time is money. OH WAIT! Really important motivator right here, this is your scale percentage of how you will be earning money for the customers you bring in: Term | Percentage You Earn Monthly • 5% Quarterly • 10% Semi-Annually • 15% Annually • 30% Keep in mind since we are still in beta, the service pricing is flexible to a certain point and flexibility is key to making our customers happy. We will give you the tools and flexibility needed to create the upmost enjoyable experience. If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout on the email provided below. More information regarding commission pay will be provided once hired. Pre Reqs: • Must be 18+ (Proof of age may be required) • Agree to have an interview with our staff through skype conference (Video / Voice required) • English or multi-lingual, as long as english is a first or second and you're well spoken, then your a fit! • Basic fundamental knowledge on running, starting up, and setting up game servers. Thanks, A. Rahim Founder of
  6. Hello All, I am new to the whole server hosting gig and would like some info on it. I would like if anyone could give me a GSP that could host a game server on Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360? I know people do it because in the server list, there are custom rules and server names that aren't dedicated. Also, will my server appear across all platforms? (X 360, PS3, PC, MAC) Thanks for all help in advance, Chris
  7. GSP Resell - Your #1 Reselling Solutions Official Site: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Regular Price: $0.80 /slot | Discounted Price: $0.60 /slot Counter-Strike: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE will be launched very soon! Enter Coupon Code: "CSGO25" to receive a 25% OFF on your first month!
  8. Im 19, from Bristol, UK. Just started up a GSP ( Thought I'd get more comfortable within the gsp community.