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Found 3 results

  1. Wordpress and Joomla are probably the two most popular content management systems, which one is your favorite and why ?
  2. There are plenty of CMS available at the moment and it seems that everyone is making his website himself. What is you favorite CMS and why? Mine is wordpress mainly because I think it is the most SEO friendly CMS available at the moment plus we can also find lots of free themes on the internet.
  3. The Benefits of CMS vs. HTML for the beginner I have been in the web hosting and design business for some time now and there is something that has been lurking in the back of my geeky brain. I want to talk about the benefits of using CMS for web site design vs. traditional HTML. The reason this has been on my mind; Lately we have had quite a few new clients, without a web master or no site management experience, come to us and ask about a redesign or some site specific work. These new clients have had a site developed by company X, completely in HTML and are running into issues updating pages within the site without a web master (or management team) to implement the changes. I know there are some web designers out there that will only use HTML for finished product to deliver to their clients. And this can be a great opportunity or your site maintenance team to set up another monthly contract to manage the new site. However it can be a strain on the company/individuals needing a web site or updates. Some of the benefits of utilizing a CMS or Content Management System for your site build are as follows: 1. The CMS provides a GUI or graphical user interface that allows the editor to create content, add images and multimedia files, create content schedules, and much more. 2. Decentralized maintenance. Decentralized web site maintenance can produce quicker resolution time and allow site owners/web masters to become more familiar with the problems of a particular section of the site. 3. Designed for persons or originations with little or no wed design experience or a web master team. 4. You can configure access so members of your site team can have access to specific areas of the site. Allowing your team to work in parallel on the site, speeding up development time. 5. You are in control. There is no need for expensive 3rd party web management team. 6. The bottom line is that you will save money in the long run with a CMS as the basis for your site. While I will admit that a CMS is not for every company, origination or individual. It will benefit most who have the time to read and do a little trial and error work. Since the bottom line in business “is the bottom line” for your accountant a CMS gives you the best bang for your buck.