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  1. Hey everyone, glad to be back in the GSP world again. Hopefully I can reconnect with all of my previous contacts over the next few weeks and catch up. For the newer user base that don't know who I am, heres a brief history. I started in the gaming world as a competitive cs player in CAL/CPL. I moved on and started my own league NGL (lasted 4 seasons and a $1k tournament in 2004) then I started various GSP's/Hosting provider businesses which were successful and sold off. After that I opened up the current largest gsp review website on the web. I stress "current" because my plans are to demolish them and all competition here soon (BOLO!) Glad to recap, hopefully this forum is still as active as it was in the past with Mikey running it.
  2. I've used in the past, and really enjoyed their service.
  3. I haven't always been a fan of Apple products, but in the past 2 years I have really come to like my Macbook, iPhone and iPad. I recently bought the new Macbook Pro 15-inch with Retina display, added in an extra 8GB ram to make a total of 16GB of ram. I have to tell you this thing is sweet! Anyways back to the matter at hand, in less then 30 mins Apple will be releasing the new "iPhone 5" as they already are calling it (so unique!) what do you guys think about it? Are you watching the live blog on CNET or LiveStream?
  4. Looks good Rahim, I'll advertise when you reach 500 members!
  5. Your welcome Alex, your site offers a unique service that GSP's need. Let's talk about how we can tie your unique service in with my sites high traffic and popular user base.
  6. I typically sell more yearly web hosting plans, but when I sold game servers I found more people wanted monthly plans. The main reason is their clans didn't stay around long enough to commit to a year.
  7. Welcome Richard! I'm curious how you found out about
  8. Welcome to the forum!
  9. Welcome Jonathan, glad to have you on our boards!
  10. I endorse GSPFinder, its a great deal for what they are offering GSP's. Get listed on their website ASAP!
  11. Without a doubt go with colocrossing, they've been top notch for years. Talk to Jon and tell him I sent you, he'll hook you up!
  12. Try emailing Ken, he's a member on the forum and on gsprating. or
  13. Which Chris? I know tons of chris's from the gaming world... also WELCOME
  14. Welcome Mike, I'm sure your experience will be put to good use on our boards!
  15. Word is small biz and home will be getting a huge amount of stock in this week and will be selling their hp touchpads again for $100 and $150 for 32GB. Signup to be notified check their twitter too.