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  1. Hi all. I am still looking for employment. Thank you.
  2. Good evening everyone. Taking a break from the online environment has been a good and bad experience. Good in terms of gaining valuable experience and bad in terms of not being able to do something I love. I am looking for part or full time employment in Customer Service or Operations/Management. About Me My name is Morgan Klaif, 25, from New Jersey. Since the age of 14, I have been involved in the web hosting and gaming industry from owning a small local re seller account, Sales, Public Relations, and most recently Human Resources and consulting. The only big named organization I professionally worked with was Mainstream Gaming as Public Relations and Human Resources. During my free time I enjoy browsing online, basic web development, movies, hanging with friends, and hiking. Skills HTML, CSS, basic PHP. cPanel, WHMCS, WHM, FTP. Live chat, ticket, and phone support. Web Hosting. Excellent multitasking. Time management. Contact Information Email: Skype: morgan.klaif I look forward to talking to anyone if an opportunity might be available.
  3. I am still looking for work. Does anyone have anything available?
  4. Hi Pat. How is Unidox Hosting going? In regards to your question, I have always sucked at math, but I feel comfortable with logic, however that would still be a problem in regards to the concepts part. I would prefer to stick to the three positions I list above, but I would consider something else if it is more basic.
  5. Dear GSP Talk: As you all may know, the economy is rough, and a lot of people are seeking employment and/or secondary jobs, which the latter is relevant to what I am looking for. My name is Morgan, twenty three, living in Summit, New Jersey. I am looking for a Level 1 Technician, Junior Web Developer, or Manager position either remotely or in-house in the Central, New Jersey location. What makes me qualified for each position? Level 1 Technician: I have held a shared hosting account since I have been fourteen, learning the ins and outs of cPanel. At the age of sixteen, I owned a reseller account to assist locals with web hosting needs, where I learned the fundamentals of WHM and WHMCS. Since then, I have assisted various hosting providers with different tasks. Junior Web Developer: I know xHTML, CSS, basic Java Script, and basic PHP. I primarily focus on the maintenance of pre-made code and optimizing pre-made code for simple SEO structure. Manager: Having a year and a half of office related experience, being a leader during summer camp employment, and various volunteer experiences, I know the importance of properly organizing and leading a team. A proper manager knows when to balance power and the ability to listen and utilize ideas. My current schedule (flexible): Sunday: 8am - 11pm EST. Monday: 8am - 11pm EST. Tuesday: 8am - 11pm EST. Wednesday: 8am - 11pm EST. Thursday: 8am - 11pm EST. Friday: 8am - 11pm EST. Saturday: 8am - 11pm EST. I do have a resume available upon request. If there are any opportunities available, please contact me by the following: Email: MSN:
  6. Hello everyone. I have been gone for quite some time now as I have been living in Maryland for the last eleven months trying to get a few things figured out. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, I was let go from my job, and was forced to move back to New Jersey. I am living on my own right now, no job, no money, no car, all that fun jazz... I was wondering if anyone had a spare laptop on hand that I could have? The room I am living in has wireless, but I do not have one (remember, the fun jazz...). If anyone is able to help me out, that would be absolutely fantastic, and I would be willing to do anything in return... help with any website work, get you sales, etc... Please send me a message on here if you can help. Thanks.
  7. Risen, The WHMCS developers have been in contact with cPanel regarding Enkompass and a module for WHMCS, but as .NET is only able to be supported right now, they have no PHP functionality, which WHMCS primarily uses. However, this may change in the long run, as cPanel's developers only release proper documentation and PHP functionality with the API after a few versions have been released. It would be nice if this would happen. In regards to this topic all together, I have used Client Exec and WHMCS before, and would never change from WHMCS again. The easy integration, user friendly navigation, and functionality are all key points which I like about it.
  8. Web Hosting advertising can be tricky, especially with the saturation of various providing services. As a new web host, your primary goal will be to develop and effectively implement a unique strategy which drags potential clients to buying from you. For instance, can you provide a more unique way of support instead of the general email, tickets, or phone... or why would your hosting service be more accommodating for me, if, let's say, I was being offered the same price as yours but elsewhere? After developing and implementing your unique strategy, you then should worry about SEO and other advertising means. Basic SEO can be done on your end with small variables regarding your website's source markup. Make sure to effectively research keyword usage as you will want to rank for more specific key words as opposed to "web hosting" which everyone else uses. Make sure to keep the keyword quality sustainable so that it does not flag for spam. Make sure to keep the markup strict to what your DOCTYPE states. Make sure to keep all necessary tags described. I hope this points you in the right direction. Please PM me if you would like to talk further.
  9. Mark, What type of website are you looking to start promoting? A blog, a forum, or your new web hosting business? Marketing, which encases advertising and SEO, can vary dependent on the type of website. If you can go into more detail of your website and what you are looking to do specifically, I can assist you further.
  10. Rahim, Could you go into more detail regarding what you are looking for in terms of a moderator? I understand that Unlimited7 is providing free web hosting, but would the moderator be assisting with support questions, or more of a spam watcher?
  11. Overall, the design concept for your hosting website is well balanced. Colors work well, the pages are not overloaded with information, and it is easy to navigate. On a side note, how is Box Obsessed going to be different and/or unique from other current web hosts? What is the benefit of switching to Box Obsessed?
  12. Similar to business, especially in the online environment, new servers are purchased on a daily basis. With no incentive, such as a long lasting server with an almost guaranteed large user base, no one is willing to give their time and money to assist in the upkeep of a server. The gaming environment, with multiple portals such as PC gaming, console gaming, or hand held gaming, really proves no means of effective benefit to the one providing financial support. Unless more of a benefit is established, server owners will continue to pay themselves or rely on the support of friends or their team. But, now regarding your question, if they were to attempt gaining financial support, all they could really do is sell advertisements or administration, and possibly a guarantee, which is unlikely, of increased traffic, if the financial supporter is a business or large organization.
  13. The portrayal of "Unlimited" can be misleading. It is true that "Unlimited" does not truly exist, but the idea of "Unlimited" does. The service provider is allowing the client to use whatever space and/or bandwidth they need, when in reality, it only amounts to a few mega or giga bytes. One of the bigger problems with the "Unlimited" concern is the fact that most service providers do not appropriately explain what they mean by "Unlimited". If there was more of a generalized consensus as to what "Unlimited" entails, then this issue would not be discussed as much. Service providers, like Unidox Hosting, have all the right to provide "Unlimited", as long as the client is able to properly understand what they mean by it.
  14. I have had Verizon all of my life, with the unlimited data, calling, and text plan. Needing a phone that could do what I need without my laptop, I decided on the HTC Droid Incredible. All my accounts (I.E. email) get synced properly, the addons I can download are useful, and the 3G network rarely goes down. The only downside of it is when multiple applications are running, and it is running on an obsolete version, before an update, the power gets drained really quickly, however that can happen with any phone.
  15. I have the first generation of Android, HTC Droid Incredible from Verizon.