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  1. Official launch, free community version, professional licensing, working on more features for our Game Panel and more releases!

  2. We have not had any other reports of such issue regarding the username not being alphanumeric, and looking into the issue, it's been corrected. Let us know if you have any further issues.
  3. Hello, Sorry for the issue as it appeared to be an issue with the country selection and length value. Should be fixed now. Thanks for the report.
  4. Why thank you everyone! I will let the software speak for itself . The other panels out there are of course great solutions however. But, we're offering a free version, for anyone that wants to use the panel for non-commercial use and our professional version is pretty competitive pricing wise compared to the other panels. Our main goal for our software is full automation, however the panel doesn't fully manage the game configurations and game files. We're officially launched but it does lack some features right now, and we're building more functionality and fixing bugs as we receive them. The master control panel currently runs on CentOS 5 or 6, 32 / 64 bit either one, with future support of Debian and Ubuntu, while the remote servers are compatible with CentOS 5/6 and Windows Server 2003 / 2008. Everything is done from the master control panel, licensing of remote servers, installations of remote servers, and management of administrators, services, and so forth. We're also planning on developing some additional modules, like a billing suite and support center that will implement right into the software, if you aren't wanting to use our integration modules for 3rd parties like WHMCS. Our main website as well, has been fully in house developed by myself and the other developer, with our own support ticketing system, billing center, tracker system for reporting bugs and feature requests. Our billing in pretty unique in the sense that we prorate licensing to the first of the month, so you can easily tell how much you're spending each month with one invoice, and we auto apply discounts with a tier system based on how many licenses you have. The only 3rd party software we use on our main site is MyBB for the forums. And even if you don't want to use our software, the affiliate accounts are free to signup for as well, and I made some banners and you get your own affiliate code and commission for sales. --Oh and we have a few jQuery plugins we've made that anyone can use if they want, for any projects as well!
  5. Hello Everyone, I've been on the forums for a little while, and wanted to post something to say hello and introduce myself I am one of the developers and designers of a software group called "NehoX". Our first product we're about to officially release(as well as a newer website) is a game panel for windows and linux and then more to come in the future. Our team has a total of 3 people right now; one for the specific backend coding, myself for additional features and ui design throughout the website and software we release, and one marketer for SEO and support. I hope to be posting more on this forum as well.
  6. We're nearing our official launch!

  7. We're currently in public Beta now. Signup for free at, and we'll be officially launching a new site soon!

  8. What's the demo usernames and passwords for both demos, they don't work at all and I've tried multiple combinations of different login credentials? I've always thought both sites have been deemed very similar as well.
  9. Beta License Requests for our new panel; Available here;