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  1. Link to the website:
  2. is a server hosting service dedicated for Rust, with tons of optimizations for Rust and a 100% customized control panel. What features does have? Powerful dashboard. Visit our gallery to see how it looks like. Automatic upgrades. Rust updates will be automatically applied to your servers with minimal downtime. No manual operation at all. Easy config. We list hundreds of Rust server settings for you to fine tune your server easily. Native custom map support. Just a few clicks to upload and play with your new map. uMod plugin library. Plugin library with hundreds of plugins from community, constantly updating. One-click installation. Always online. Your servers are monitored 24/7 and will be brought up instantly if it crashed in rare cases. Simple backup. One-click server backups for free, fine control which part to restore (map / BP / plugins / etc.). Scheduled tasks. Run all kinds of tasks on a regular basis: backup, restart, wipe, and even execute RCON commands. Full FTP support. For expert users, we provide full FTP access so you are in total control of your server. Free website. Modern website for each of your server, and of course for free. Price and available locations Starting from $12.22 for 50 slots. West/North EU, United States, Australia are currently available. We will be constantly expanding our nodes across the world, please stay tuned!