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  1. I noticed most of you guys posted links to online gambling sites, are they reliable? There was just only one time when I managed to win something (900$ at mr bet CA to be more precise), I was very happy and excited. But honestly I can't understand people who play a lot, who play all the time, it is rather risky.
  2. Well yes, I do use Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction, to me it is the best remedy. I tried different natural recipes, Viagra and even Levitra, but Cialis has no competitors. It is just my opinion, and I am not insisting on it.
  3. It's great there are so many services aimed to help students to cope with their home assignments! I personally co-work with CopyCrafter company/services only, and I even didn't suspect about other companies, there are hundreds of them.
  4. Are you an agency or just mediators? I am planning to sell my house to guys from Yes! Homebuyers - they buy any house, I just love the conditions - they take no fees, provide me with free evaluating services and promise a quick and safe deal. I also like the fact they are ready to buy property in any area, in any condition (my house I got it from grandpa, the condition is really not that good).
  5. You can create a survey using Appliedsurveys and just post it at different forums/communities/social networks. I also like surveys built with Google docs, very simple to make and very simple to process the results (allows to switch anonymity).
  6. Progamming requires quality education and years of practice, not only mathematics (I am currently studying it, with additional math websites, but still I understand it is not enough). I would hire someone to create a game, happily there are many decent professionals today.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations, seems like very good gambling provider. I do love online services like this, usually spend time at mr bet casino Australia - really decent online casino.
  8. good content is everything