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  4. To increase visits to your site the important factors we think are- Keyword Research and optimization MetaTag Title URL optimization Content quality & optimization Page Speed Backlinks Mobile friendly website HTTPS i.e, Secure website.
  5. Howdy internet users, How many of you signup/login online for various things like for shopping, downloading music, reading, playing games and all other activities. Have you thought that, is your ID and password is safe or not for once at least? The answer is NO, right? We don’t think about the security while signing up / login on any website. We usually provide all the personal information on these platforms easily. Let’s see how our personal information or ID and password would be safe on these types of websites. If you have noticed, before the URL of a website there is a term “HTTP” (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) or “HTTPS” (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Security). It is a set of rules that enables communication within several systems. The communication which occurs on HTTP is not secure. In technical language, the data is not encrypted and may be interrupted and misused by third parties and hackers. This interruption can be resolved using a secure platform which is HTTPS. Security is important where you collect private information, credentials or conduct online payment transactions. You need to make sure that your website is secure enough to handle that information. HTTPS provides some important terminologies which are- Encryption - It is the process of encoding message in a way that only authorized persons to receive and understand it. Encryption is important as it allows protecting data which you don't want to access anyone else. Data Integration - Data Integration is the process of combine data from different sources into valuable information. The data integration aims to prevent unintentional changes to information. Authentication - In the authentication process, user's credentials are matched and confirmed their identity. Commonly for log in on a particular platform, the user enters a unique username and password for their unique identity. Moreover, the person has to prove the identity by some other means like OTP. HTTPS provides this authenticated user. In order to make your website HTTPS, you need to have SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It's a tool for securing and encrypting data from third parties and hackers, at the time of sharing info from a user to a server and vice-versa. It ensures that the site is Secure enough to share important and vital information. SSL certificates have keys (public key and private key) which work together to build a secure and encrypted connection between user and server. When the data shared from the user side, it gets encrypted and the authorized person having the pair of keys only, can go through the shared data. HTTPS is identified and used as a Bonus for SEO. A website can have a lot of benefits of being secured, as Google always boosts and prioritizes secure sites. With all other dimensions as per Google terms, your site should also have a Secure HTTP. This can give a long-term as well as the positive effect on SEO and increasingly on Business too... Make your website SSL Proof with the help of SSL Certificate if haven’t done yet.