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  1. We've just launched RustServerHosting.net, a hosting service with a custom-built web control panel for managing Rust servers. Our control panel lets you: -Automatically setup your server in minutes -Update/Restart your server -Configure the basic server settings -Access your server via FTP and RCON -Install Oxide We're a small team, but we do have experience hosting game servers. We launched 7D2DServerHosting.com in October, and we've hosted nearly a thousand 7 Days to Die servers since then. We love Rust and couldn't find a good custom control panel for it, so we built our own! Community feedback means everything to us, so we offer a 2-day free trial (no credit card required), so y'all can test our service with no strings attached. Very limited number of servers available right now (but they are fast!). Get your free server at RustServerHosting.net.
  2. We're 7D2DServerHosting, and our service is built from the ground-up for the 7 Days to Die. No TCAdmin or other generic control panels, we made a custom web app for configuring and managing your servers. https://7d2dserverhosting.com Our custom web app lets you: Automatically deploy your server in minutes. Modify your serverconfig options. Update/restart/reset your server. Make/restore backups. Manage in-game admins. In addition, we also offer: FTP and Telnet support. As much CPU and RAM as your server needs. We can only handle a small number of customers right now. This means that if you use our service now, you are our top priority and we'll respond to your emails ASAP. 2-day free trial and 7-day money-back guarantee to all new customers, so you've got nothing to lose! All our servers are located in North America, but we plan to expand to Europe in the coming months. Our web app is under constant development. Please post any features that you would like to see!
  3. If you're asking this question then Wordpress. HTML isn't hard to learn but Wordpress will get you up and running faster.
  4. If you're trying to sell hosting, I doubt either of them would work well. Adwords is your friend.
  5. The problem with existing game server panels is more than just looks. They don't have any game-specific features, are closed-sourced so the hosting provider can't add any features to them, and require knowledgeable admins to operate. Shameless plug, but that's why we made our own control panel for 7 Days to Die :D.
  6. Hurtworld? Don't see that game mentioned often. Curious why you put that over something like CSGO?
  7. The Emoji Movie
  8. A bit confused why you're advertising these as "GPU Game Servers". A game server doesn't need a GPU since the client does the rendering? Unless you are intending it to be used for some sort of game streaming service where you run the actual game on the cloud and stream it back to the client. Nevertheless, an interesting company, and probably useful for data scientists. I haven't seen many hosting providers with this kind of offering.
  9. I would like to hear why everyone likes WHMCS that much. As a web developer, I've never really seen the point of a billing panel when the Stripe API is so easy to use. And as a customer of several gsps which used WHMCS, I'm not impressed by how it looks.
  10. I recommend using Namecheap and google around for promo codes. The exception is if you're looking for specific extensions such as .io or .gg, in which case, other domain name registrars may give you more options and you'll just have to search around.
  11. If you're comfortable working with a VPS, why would you go with shared hosting to begin with? You can get a DigitalOcean VPS for $5/month. And if your website is anything beyond a simple static website or Wordpress blog, you're going to need to SSH to your server anyways, so I don't see how using shared hosting would make your life any easier.
  12. Another thing to keep in mind is to have the right balance of resources. For example, if you've got a lot of RAM but not many cores (or just slow cores), then the number of game servers you can run on your machine will be limited by the CPU usage, and you'll end up wasting some of the RAM you're paying for.
  13. If you can make interesting content that's relevant to your service but not a direct advertisement (infographics would be an example), then Reddit is a great option. I haven't had much success with Reddit ads, but an regular post in the right subreddit is surprisingly easy to get upvotes with if you put in the work to make it good.