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  1. you mean tool or do you mean best host? There are many hosting server that you can use to host your websites. but first check there reviews and what are the providing, And scan website for vulnerabilities protection before uploading it, so that you will never face any kind of problem cause of vulnerabilities.
  2. There are many websites that can provide you nice joomla hosting, some of them are like SiteGround,,, and others you can use any of them, you will get all of the things from these websites. But you should check gartner security & risk management summit first before uploading your website, to check out the latest threats to the website that you can face.
  3. Why don't you try bluehost,ipage, hostgator and other, I think you can get all these things in them also? But you should also take a disaster recovery replication software so that you will not face any kind of errors regarding it.
  4. Both of them are good html is used to create simple type of websites, But now there are many new features are there in html. But you should know html coding for it. And wordpress is simple you don't need to know coding but you cannot change and manage everything according to your need. And remember to use sast tools while developing any kind of website.
  5. Different people use different kind of software's to protect their system or server. I also use a advanced malware protection. And this is quite good and protect your server and system from all kind of cyber attacks and malware's.
  6. There are many hosting servers that you can use for start up they are like,blue host, fatcow 1&1 and others, so you can use any of them, They are good and reliable. But while developing the website you should always do, static code analysis to check the errors of the website. so that it will not get any kind of future
  7. There are so many software's available that you can use for website security. But the main security is while doing the coding. There are some security static analysis tools that you can use for your website to make it secure and free from any kind of errors and vulnerability.
  8. If your budget is $50-$60 you can get some good dedicated servers like bluehost, 1And1 and few others so go with them because they are nice and can provide a lot of feature's to you.But also take any it disaster recovery plan, so that you will not face any data loose problem in future.
  9. There are many tools available online that you can use for vulnerability scanning for your website. They will help you to find out the errors in the coding or any other kind of errors in your website. And after that you can get rid of them. Good luck!