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  1. TeamSpeak 3 Reseller Start your business without any cost or bureaucracy! An innovative service that allows you to create and manage freely all the Teamspeak 3 servers you need, regardless of expiration dates, orders, and renewals. You will no longer need to contact your vendor to increase or decrease the number of server slots. You will have full access to your servers and settings. You will also have access to a control panel developed by our team, where you can manage settings, access service information, statistics and financial control. How it works? Service on demand where you are the only one who creates, suspends, edits, and deletes Teamspeak servers You pay the actual consumption calculated on a daily basis No renewals. The service will always be online as long as you have positive balance in your account Each slot has a cost from 0.005€/Day or 0.15€/Month We have a control panel created by us, where we can apply your suggestions Main Features Service Status and options to start , stop and reboot Dedicated IP with all ports open Multiple Locations Avaliable Full access to serveradmin (query) Statistics, Notifications, Definitions and Management Tools More info: