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  1. I noticed there is a lot of spam on the site. Is this site still in use as there doesn't appear to be any mod's to clean it up.
  2. So what gaming control panels are the better ones and on what OS?
  3. Hi, I am Garry, 39 years old and from the UK. I have past experience with providering and using hosting services. I built my first PC when I was 19/20 years old. Been a gamer since I got my first computer when I was 13 years old, playing on various platform etc... I am currently playing games on PC and Xbox One. I am in the process of setting up a new gaming community/clan and will be setting up gameservers, on my dedicated server. I have some knowledge of setting up some gameservers and voice servers, via the command line (Linux).
  4. Hi, Does anyone know of any Gameserver Providers that offer a reseller package, if so who are they? As I would like to offer gameserves for sale. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am going to be setting up some gameserves for my gaming community and would like to know about Ddos proctection. I have a dedicated server in Netherland and am thinking about maybe setting up a GRE tunnel for the ddos proctection, using OVH VPS France. 1. So with the server in Netherlands and the GRE tunnel coming from France, how much do you think this will incerase the ping ping for Europe players? 2. If i wasn't using the GRE tunnel at the time of a Ddos attack, and then brought the GRE tunnel online, will it stop the attack on the dedicated server IP and transfer the attack through the GRE tunnel to OVH? 3. Would there be away to automatic turn on the GRE Tunnel, if a Ddos started? Games I am I looking at setting up are: CSGO:, CoD 4, CoD WaW, Minecraft and maybe some others.
  6. Hi, Going to be setting up CS:GO, Minecraft, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty 4, Ark, Project Cars (maybe), Assetro Corse (maybe), Race 07 (maybe). Maybe a few others, but unsure at the moment. Also going to be setting up a voice server, either Teamspeak 3 (have 32 slot paid license for it) or Mumble. it depends how many slots we need.