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  1. I will be using a business license. For all I know, there is a minimum set price tag (up to 100?) you have to pay per month even if you're not hitting it? Also is it worth it as in do people rent these well enough compared to mumble and ventrilo?
  2. Nice review. I had used Multiplay many many years ago for a game called Unreal Tournament and had the same problems which lead me to 4 different servers and all changing other people's servers and not my own. The support only on weekends is now new to me about them which is extremely odd for a company that is bigger then it use to be. Hope you had better luck else where.
  3. Hi, I am FluX in terms of the nickname whereas my real name is Ashley. I started off young (5-6 years old) when I started playing games and just started from there really, modifying games, making mods, servers (hosting and renting) since. I have recently started up my own GSP (www.fluxiservice.com) and hope to assist in any help needed and maybe get the same back if any problems occur. It's always nice to see those with similar interests as myself. FluX.
  4. Welcome
  5. TCAdmin works really well with Teamspeak as it seems almost like they had some sort of partnership with each other. Has it's own section just for it too. This is compatible with both Windows and Linux.
  6. How easy is to to maintain it as i'm a little confused on how the license works. Apparently the price you pay for the license depends on how many slots you current use on average but there was some sort of formula and minimum payment you had to pay. Any chance of a little explaining as I have looked it up and i'm extremely interested to do it myself with a little investment for it. Most importantly, after 12 months, does the license change price? Thanks in advance.
  7. Personally, low resources. Seems like more and more are trying to throw more out without managing the resources well enough. This then effects the quality overall.
  8. I still prefer the way TCAdmin works but yes, the looks are a little outdated. Mostly what you need to do is maybe find a layout for it, build one yourself or make a control panel that works almost the same but with your own style and alterations (pretty much the same as remaking a layout). TCAdmin is just pretty much the most used control panel right now so having a panel everyone knows is a good advantage in some ways.
  9. 1.) What exactly do you mean by this? Being instantly setup is just a bonus because some older gamers prefer to use the time they currently have and sort the rest later. From the past experience I had, always having the instant setup was nice because once ordered, I gave it up to 15 minutes and I had all the information for my server. After that, I got everything I needed to setup for my own setup and went from there (I did this majorly for clans so I was specific on the setups for the servers - configuration wise). Having the freedome of the configurations for me is key for any server you own because you do not want to pay for hosting a server and then being limited to what you can do. It's your server and you should not have to worry about having to have the support assist you on stuff that in general, should be done without. 2.) Personally, it was always the support of the provider and the quality given. You may hear so much but until you personally try it yourself, you will never know the pain some providers will allow to force onto you without you knowing it till it's too late. Now I speak for certain providers as back many years ago, I tried many due to this but many always forget simple things like support, how the customers should be treated (with all after effects once support is used) and how the servers freedom and quality is given to the customer (basically pre-judging the provider without support at all). 3.) Freedom. Good support. Being able to host through another without the support. Quality uptime service too. This view is my own personal one I have taken from being a provider and being someone who use to rent from providers. Hope it helps.