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  1. Just to give a (second) introduction as I've restarted small but intend to bring my previous services back! Right now I just provide web hosting but with a Free package and better packages from £1 a month. I also sell domains. My main focus is our service has game ports open to allow your website to integrate with your server. Visit us!
  2. I used to sell game servers and successfully as well, I hosted's entire collection until they moved to their own dedi, although now I've stepped back and started small, offering web hosting. But I will hopefully sell game servers again as well as VPS and such. Basically my hosting has ports for game servers opened, so you can connect to your server via your account, so if you want to have your website able to read your server such as a server list on your site. Or if you have a custom control panel, or maybe a web shop that needs to connect to your server it can. We have allow connections through Source ports and Minecraft ports and will increase this when we have requests for more. If you think this service is a good idea, check out our packages and domain prices from £1.
  3. Thankfully though my client also said that he immediately thought it was fake, his website is only 1 page and its a template, links not working, spelling mistakes, and he kept changing what he said his server specs were, I think his scripts are also nulled.
  4. A company that has just set up today apparently offering gmod servers for 32 slot for 14 USD, The owner apparently added me on steam and after I told him that I too ran a hosting company, he immediately blocked me, added my client, and was telling them to switch to him. Clearly running a dodgy business and I'm not happy about it, I'm not going to advertise my own host in this post I just want to warn people away from these guys I am furious, he added me, talked to me we had a friendly conversation, then immediately blocked me after he found out what community bought their servers from me, then is trying to force them over to him.
  5. One of the best firewalls against DDoS I've found is Cisco, expensive but worth it, my company has Cisco firewalls.
  6. Has anyone here had experience with ZPanel, I'm having a nightmare setting up the DNS for it even after following their guide to the letter.
  7. Actually TCAdmin has better Linux support than Windows in my opinion, it supports all major games on linux such as Gmod, Minecraft, CSS, Killing Floor etc. And the linux binaries are a lot more stable and require less resources. I use TCAdmin and although I am on windows I did previously use GameCP and I did not enjoy the experience as much as I would like, TCAdmin is only $5 more a month, well worth it. Large and most importantly Up To Date games. GameCP has very outdated games in its system.
  8. Hey guys my name is Lewis and I am new to the world of hosting. Well kind of, I've hosted websites many times in the past and have great experience with it but recently started selling game servers as well. And I think here is where I could get the best help with any problems I will most likely have in the future. Hope everyone is nice and friendly and I shall love to be here.