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    Hi Sergio!
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    Hello MothHost, weclome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Well, between cell phone use, streaming video (netflix/hulu), gaming, etc. I use a lot of internet daily. How much data is transferred on my behalf or how much energy is wasted? I have no clue. I don't measure but it would be interesting to know.
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  5. We are currently upgrading the website. If you run into errors, please post them. Thank you.
  6. Hey, welcome to the community. What type of game servers (what games) do you plan on starting for your new gaming community?
  7. Welcome Dan.
  8. You developed your own control panel? How does one become an alpha tester?
  9. Minecraft has always been popular, especially in the US. Although, I'm not sure what would cause an uptick in sales.
  10. I just recently bought a TeamSpeak server. However, I have no idea how to set it up. Tutorials would be great.
  11. They are booth considered the best control panels. Plus, there are wealthy companies using both of those panels without any issues. Search the forum and you'll find other control panels but their not any better in my opinon.
  12. Hello and welcome.
  13. Welcome to the community.
  14. Hello!
  15. I had to restore a database from a week old backup. New members and New content may have been lost.