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    I use webtropia for my nodes around Germany, since that is where their DC is located. They their economy root servers which are fairly affordable. I purchased one a few days ago and the setup time was reasonable. Hope this helps
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    You're better off spending $150 on a starving artist than buying a Template Monster (or similiar) product. Those templates are really poor.
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    I would like to know what cars and what manufacturers people prefer. I am planning to buy a new car and would like to consider Japanese brands. I think it's reliable. What kind of car do you drive?
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    Hostperl provides a customized solution for your hosting needs. With our dedicated hosting, you have complete control that better meets your specific needs. We propose plans for the recognition of the rights of the family and the child. Hostperl is committed to protecting your data, your privacy and providing you with high quality hosting. We use high quality hardware and high speed Gigabit connections. Our server comes with secure storage, bandwidth limits and a dedicated RAM. Reliable and Affordable Services Includes Below Features : - Ultimate in Performance, Control & Convencience - Stable, Reliable, Affordable & Secure - Complete Control with Root Access - Rapid Deployment Servers - 99.99% Server Uptime Guarantee - DDoS Protection - Money Back Guarantee - Quick Support Systems - No Hidden Costs - Enjoy the Ultimate Control over your Server Environment For more info please visit:- https://www.hostperl.com/ Thanks www.hostperl.com cheap dedicated server | cheap dedicated server dallas | cheap dedicated server, USA |secured web hosting | secured hosting | best secured hosting | top secured hosting | shared hosting | shared web hosting | best shared hosting | top shared hosting | secure hosting | secure web hosting | best secure hosting | top secure hosting | $1 unlimited hosting | $1 hosting | $1 web hosting | linux hosting | best linux hosting | wordpress hosting | top linux hosting | hosting service | best hosting service | dedicated server | dedicated server hosting | dedicated hosting solutions
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    On the basis of market saturation, it is difficult to get the best website hosting service. Temok has been offering Windows Shared Hosting Services since 2014 and also knows how to keep you happy. You get a rapid, user-friendly and trusted hosting service at a low cost. We offer Windows Shared Hosting with power and versatility of Plesk Control Panel, IIS 8.5 (Internet Information Services), MSSQL Server, Windows Server 2012 and a wide variety of other hosting features, such as Web Presence site builder. We understand the needs and requirements of your company, on both a technical as well as an aesthetic level. We are offering four different USA Windows Shared Hosting Plans at the moment. Below you will find some details of these plans along with the price & links. All you have to do is to choose the desired plan according to your need & budget. ❫❫ USA Windows Shared Hosting Starter Plan ❪❪ ∗ No Setup Fee ∗ 50GB RAID Protected Storage ∗ 5 MSSQL Server 2014 Databases ∗ 5GB MSSQL Server Database Size ∗ Unlimited MySQL5 Databases ∗ Unlimited Bandwidth ∗ Unlimited Domains ∗ Unlimited Subdomains ∗ Unlimited Parked Domains ∗ Unlimited MySQL Database Size ∗ Unlimited MS Access Databases ∗ Unlimited ODBC DSN ∗ MySQL Database Wizard ∗ phpMyAdmin ∗ Price: $4.05/Month ⧽⧽ Order Starter Plan ⧼⧼ ❫❫ USA Windows Shared Hosting Premium Plan ❪❪ ∗ No Setup Fee ∗ 100GB RAID Protected Storage ∗ 5 MSSQL Server 2014 Databases ∗ 5GB MSSQL Server Database Size ∗ Unlimited MySQL5 Databases ∗ Unlimited Bandwidth ∗ Unlimited Domains ∗ Unlimited Subdomains ∗ Unlimited Parked Domains ∗ Unlimited MySQL Database Size ∗ Unlimited MS Access Databases ∗ Unlimited ODBC DSN ∗ MySQL Database Wizard ∗ phpMyAdmin ∗ Price: $4.95/Month ⧽⧽ Order Premium Plan ⧼⧼ ❫❫ USA Windows Shared Hosting Business Plan ❪❪ ∗ No Setup Fee ∗ 150GB RAID Protected Storage ∗ 5 MSSQL Server 2014 Databases ∗ 5GB MSSQL Server Database Size ∗ Unlimited MySQL5 Databases ∗ Unlimited Bandwidth ∗ Unlimited Domains ∗ Unlimited Subdomains ∗ Unlimited Parked Domains ∗ Unlimited MySQL Database Size ∗ Unlimited MS Access Databases ∗ Unlimited ODBC DSN ∗ MySQL Database Wizard ∗ phpMyAdmin ∗ Price: $5.83/Month ⧽⧽ Order Business Plan ⧼⧼ ❫❫ USA Windows Shared Hosting First-Class Plan ❪❪ ∗ No Setup Fee ∗ 200GB RAID Protected Storage ∗ 5 MSSQL Server 2014 Databases ∗ 5GB MSSQL Server Database Size ∗ Unlimited MySQL5 Databases ∗ Unlimited Bandwidth ∗ Unlimited Domains ∗ Unlimited Subdomains ∗ Unlimited Parked Domains ∗ Unlimited MySQL Database Size ∗ Unlimited MS Access Databases ∗ Unlimited ODBC DSN ∗ MySQL Database Wizard ∗ phpMyAdmin ∗ Price: $7.65/Month ⧽⧽ Order First Class Plan ⧼⧼ We have got excellent hardware accompanied by a top-notch support team. At Temok you will enjoy the experience. We try hard to provide service that is not simply rewarding but also pleasurable. We do the job beyond your expectation and go the extra mile to meet your needs. For more information please contact sales[at]temok.com or Via Skype: temok.sales
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    Every client always wish to purchase the trusted companies but at start its hard decision to pick the best company but it must be the plus point if any web host offering the cash back guarantee along with their services, so that clients can claim for refund if they are disappointed. Temok provides Money Back Guarantee along with the Linux SEO Hosting Services as our web hosting features will fulfill such needs. You will find the best combination of inexpensive and budget web hosting services with Standard Control Panel's, Unmetered Bandwidth, High quality Services and many more with 24/7/365 Technical Support. Following are some details of our current range Linux SEO Hosting Plans along with the price & links which you can use to order your desired Linux SEO Hosting plan. ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 1 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 10 ◦ Disk Space: 10GB ◦ Bandwidth: 80GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.50 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $15/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 2 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 20 ◦ Disk Space: 20GB ◦ Bandwidth: 120GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.50 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $30/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 3 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 30 ◦ Disk Space: 30GB ◦ Bandwidth: 160GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.50 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $45/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 4 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 40 ◦ Disk Space: 40GB ◦ Bandwidth: 200GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.50 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $60/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 5 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 50 ◦ Disk Space: 50GB ◦ Bandwidth: 240GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.50 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $75/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 6 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 60 ◦ Disk Space: 60GB ◦ Bandwidth: 280GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.50 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $90/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 7 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 70 ◦ Disk Space: 70GB ◦ Bandwidth: 320GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.41 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $99/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 8 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 80 ◦ Disk Space: 80GB ◦ Bandwidth: 360GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.30 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $104/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 9 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 90 ◦ Disk Space: 90GB ◦ Bandwidth: 400GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $112.50/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 10 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 100 ◦ Disk Space: 100GB ◦ Bandwidth: 440GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $125/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 11 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 110 ◦ Disk Space: 110GB ◦ Bandwidth: 480GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $137.50/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 12 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 120 ◦ Disk Space: 120GB ◦ Bandwidth: 520GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $150/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 13 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 130 ◦ Disk Space: 130GB ◦ Bandwidth: 560GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $162.50/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 14 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 140 ◦ Disk Space: 140GB ◦ Bandwidth: 600GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $175/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 15 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 150 ◦ Disk Space: 150GB ◦ Bandwidth: 640GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $187.50/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 16 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 160 ◦ Disk Space: 160GB ◦ Bandwidth: 680GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $200/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 17 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 170 ◦ Disk Space: 170GB ◦ Bandwidth: 720GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $212.50/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 18 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 180 ◦ Disk Space: 180GB ◦ Bandwidth: 760GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $225/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 19 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 190 ◦ Disk Space: 190GB ◦ Bandwidth: 800GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $237.50/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ ⇉⇉⇉ Linux SEO Hosting Plan 20 ⇇⇇⇇ ◦ IPS: 200 ◦ Disk Space: 200GB ◦ Bandwidth: 840GB ◦ Cost Per IPS: $1.25 ◦ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ◦ Price: $250/Month ⦔⦔ Order Now ⦓⦓ We have got exceptional hardware along with a first-class support staff. At Temok you will enjoy the experience. We do our best to provide service which is not alone satisfying but also enjoyable. We work beyond your wishes and go the extra mile to achieve your expectations. Server Hardware Intel Xeon E-2620 Sandy Bridge 32 GB DDR RAM 4x1TB HDD in RAID 10 OS and cache on SSD disk 1000 Mbps Uplink If you have any questions & suggestions please let us know at sales[at]temok.com or Via Skype: temok.sales
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    WP is the way to go, also you need to update it regularly, and be sure that the addons and templates are secure.
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    Hi Charbel. Welcome to GSPtalk.com! When you're first getting started one way to drum up business is to literally go door-to-door. Though I no longer work for a GSP, in the past when I did, I had success with that. I wouldn't recommend it as a long term strategy but it may help get your first few clients. To do it, simply join servers where the server admin plays and play a few rounds. Get to know the admin and feel him out for his satisfaction with the server. Play a few more rounds and then ask if he'd be interested in moving. Play a few more rounds and toss him a quote. Don't go into the hard sell quickly. Another option is to spin up a few game servers with your unused slots and advertise your hosting on the server. To ensure that your server is seen by as many people as possible, ensure that it does well in the default sort when servers are displayed in game. For example, some games automatically sort by vacant or occupied slots. Others may sort alphabetically by map. These may be variables that you can control to assist showing high. Finally, you may be able to join a clan (or may already be in one.) Hosting your own clan's server may be an easier sale than someone you've never met. None of that is really a long term business strategy - but they're all viable ways to get over the first hurdle of finding your first few customers. Eventually you'll want to move into more traditional things like marketing.
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    Email your potential web host and see who responds the fastest
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    Looking at the replies, I'm starting to assume that this site is inactive in it's administration/ moderation - correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I don't think so. Just be patient till the restriction ends ..
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    There are many network games that people play, so the answer is "Yes! It is still a good business!")
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    For the people out there who still enjoy some vcod you come play http://www.wclan.org/ Everyone is welcome as long as you follow the rules.
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    FragReady has been caught red-handed DDoSing their competitors and gaming communities that chose to go with other server providers. Avoid them like the plague! Proof of FragReady attacking competitors and gaming communities
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    Hey! I'm Wyatt, aka OSTKCabal. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of DigIt Servers, a brand new Premium-grade GSP that has undergone 6 months of planning and preparation. I hope to get to know all of you fine folks and become an active member here! Cheers!
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    gspreviews.com doesn't have anyone buying any advertising on it. If the gsp has banners available, everyone gets the ad locations.
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    Cloud Shards' aim is to provide cost-effective, premium and reliable hosting to our clients. We cater to individuals, small businesses and all the way to large enterprises that need cutting-edge solutions. Use the coupon CSHAL3 to get 30% off. Stacks with quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments too for massive discounts. All reseller hosting plans are hosted in premium Internap data center. If you need a custom plan or volume discounts, contact us. All plans come with: - cPanel / WHM - Softaculous - RV SiteBuilder Pro - RV Skin - Internap optimized bandwidth - 100% Power and Network SLA with A+B Redundant Power/Network - 99.99% Uptime SLA - 24/7/365 Support Reseller Hosting Plans Starter $3.85USD/month - ORDER NOW - 20GB Disk Space - 150GB Traffic - Unlimited FTP, MySQL, Email and cPanel Accounts Standard $6.83USD/month - ORDER NOW - 35GB Disk Space - 250GB Traffic - Unlimited FTP, MySQL, Email and cPanel Accounts Advanced $11.90USD/month - ORDER NOW - 60GB Disk Space - 450GB Traffic - Unlimited FTP, MySQL, Email and cPanel Accounts Enterprise $20.83USD/month - ORDER NOW - 90GB Disk Space - 850GB Traffic - Unlimited FTP, MySQL, Email and cPanel Accounts Carriers in our network include: Above.net ‧ AT&T ‧ Cogent ‧ Global Crossing ‧ Level(3) ‧ NTT ‧ Qwest ‧ Savvis ‧ Sprint ‧ Tinet ‧ Telia ‧ Verizon ‧ XO Quarterly Payment - 2.5% OFF Semi-Annual Payment - 5% OFF Annual Payment - 10% OFF Extra IP is $1.50USD/month. Extra Bandwidth is $2.5/50GB/month. Extra HDD is $2.5/5GB/month. Instant setup. We accept PayPal, 2checkout and Payza. We offer a 7 day refund policy. No questions asked. Looking Glass / Test IP / Test Download - http://tx.lg.cloudshards.net Also check out our JIRA Hosting, Confluence Hosting, Fisheye/Crucible Hosting, premium ssd cache vps plans, budget vps plans, storage vps plans, reseller hosting plans, shared hosting plans and premium ssl certificates. Need a VPS Upgrade? Need a cheap VPS? Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Read our Blog
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    We buy directly from a provider that giving us 2 x 10 Gigabit port´s with 1000 mbit unmetered traffic included and that is all we need atm. We are not using more then about 200-300 Mbit/s. One connection is only for redundency if one of the 10 Gigabit port´s going to failover. /SH
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    well I'd go for the 1230v2. Lower power usage. When you collocate you're gonna pay for amps. And the 5606 has less ghz. And single threaded. 1230v2 will give you 8 virtual cores. and it has more ghz so it out performs 5606 a shit ton. So yeah, 1230v2
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    Wrote a small article on SSD's some months back. Basically a brief for anyone with questions about SSD's. Its written for someone with no PC hardware experience. SSDs and YOU! What is an SSD? Solid State Disks are computer storage devices that forgo the mechanical (slow) operation of a conventional hard disk. Most SSDs are comprised of flash memory, similar to the kind found in your everyday USB stick. Flash memory has no moving parts, makes no noise, and uses very little power. Because there are no moving parts, seeking operations are performed in less then a millisecond (typically .1ms...yes, I said zero point 1 milliseconds!). This is in stark contrast to conventional hard drives, which typically have seek times of well over 10ms due to the latency of the the seeker head (the mechanical arm that moves across the platters to look for data). Think of it like teleporting to the grocery store instead of driving there. Solid State drives typically offer significantly increased read speeds when comparing them to traditional (mechanical) disks. This is because the flash memory cells in the drive are arranged in parallel formations, with the data being spread across multiple memory cells. This allows data to be retrieved from multiple sources at the same time. Think of it like an 8 lane freeway as opposed to a single lane highway. More throughput = more data = faster reads. Its because of the above that larger capacity SSD's usually offer increased performance over their smaller siblings...as they have more flash memory cells which = more parallelism. Though many different factors can influence this. Write speeds for low end and mid level SSDs are usually a bit slower then conventional hard drives, while high end models are as fast or faster then conventional drives, with the fastest models offering significantly faster write speeds (at a significantly higher price!). There are many factors influencing write speeds, the most notable of which is the special algorithms employed to "wear level" themselves, though more on this later. Read and write speeds are not much of a concern for the majority of users. Its the access times that really impact performance on the average desktop, especially since the majority of reads and writes are less then 1mb. Because of this, the latency associated with finding data has a bigger impact on performance then the speed it can be read. This is why SSDs make fantastic boot drives, especially in situations that are limited to windows and various read only programs. Its the small file reads that make up the brunt of windows operations, and hence stand to gain a great deal of speed from a drive with virtually instant access times. But what are the down sides? Well, the first thing you'll notice is the steep price tag. Mid level SSDs are going for about $2 per gigabyte. This is in stark contrast to the 20 cents a gigabyte for conventional hard disks (2tb @$100). Secondly, all flash memory (the main component of most Solid State Disks), degrades with time and use. On average, an MLC (multi-level cell) based flash chip will last around 5000 cycles. This means it can be written to 5000 times on average before it degrades to the point of zero use. The more expensive SLC (Single-level cell) can be written to 10,000 times or above before degrading, but you'll only find SLC flash in the most expensive drives. If left to its own devices, a flash cell would last roughly a month or so on the average desktop windows environment. However, remember me mentioning wear leveling? SSD's employ special algorithms to ensure that every last drop of life is gained from each flash cell. These strategies include write balancing every cell, so the same cells aren't written to every time. These wear leveling features combine to extend the average life of your typical SSD to roughly 5yrs for the latest generation of drives, and real world reports have shown that number to be on the low side. Flash also degrades with time (age), and after roughly 10yrs, most flash cells will loose their ability to hold an electrical charge. However, when was the last time you had a hard drive for 10yrs? 10yrs ago, the average hard disk offered around 20gb of capacity, and you'll be hard pressed to find anything from that vintage still in use today. Even Grandma's computer has more storage then that. Another big negative, and perhaps the most critical, is that SSD write speeds degrade as the drive fills up. This is primarily due to the flash memory controller, and its efforts to extend drive life. This slow down typically only effects write speed, but it is significant, with up to a 50% reduction in rated speed. If you use an SSD as a boot drive, you probably won't notice the degradation though, and there are ways to correct it (many of which completely wipe the drive). I eventually wrote a follow up article with windows tweaks for SSDs. However, most of them aren't necessary. So I'll post the two most important here. Disable Defrag (windows 7 does this automatically), and disable drive indexing (on the SSD; its not necessary due to instant seek times). Using windows 7 is ideal...its built from the ground up to work with SSDs and performs most of the tweaks for you. XP, and you'll have to go through the fun of aligning the partition correctly. Same applies with XP and some of the newer advanced format drives on the market now (4K sectors instead 512b sectors). Anyways, here are some performance numbers to think about. Veloci-Raptor. 10,000rpm SATA drive. OCZ Vertex 2. Second Gen SSD using Sandforce SF-1200 controller I went from two RaporX drives in raid 0 to a single SSD as my boot drive. The difference was literally night and day. It was like a completely new machine...boot times were nuts, and windows just felt snappy. Since then, I've been a huge supporter of all things Solid State.
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    I hope that's $200,000 or $20,000 and not $200. No one will take that seriously.
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    I once used to have it for reselling their voice servers, which is what I assume you are referring to. Once you've signed up for their services they'll have it available for you.
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    I've been an affiliate in the game server/hosting niche for more than a couple years now. This is a fair warning for anyone looking to promote this company that they are a total scam when it comes to paying their affiliates. Ultimate Game Server has continuously ignored my requests to get paid the affiliate commissions I am due. After promoting them for more than a year or so on my review site, they haven't paid me a cent...yet their automated system keeps sending me emails of how much money i've made with them. I would recommend anyone who is also an affiliate to stay far away from this company as they have totally scammed me out of the money that i'm owed for my work and promotions. Stay away from Ultimate Game Server!
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    I've been following the development of your panel for a while, looks great Welcome to GSPTalk!
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    Nice to meet you
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    Checked our your panel. Looks like a great project. Welcome to the forums!
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    http://www.kylemkramer.com/ Very professional and delivers a great product. Also does WHMCS integrations and will even look at unknown panels to integrate them too.
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    What game? multiple just one? Minecraft? Ragnarok? Haboo Hotel? How much are you looking to spend?
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    Thank you for clarifying on their behalf. Nothing like a rumour that goes on verified.
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    I think they should be allowed to host it as long as they aren't on the site themselves. Even if they are its pretty easy to tell if their ratings/reviews have been manipulated in any way.
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    For more info you can also check out our blog (http://blog.colocrossing.com/?p=182) and our website (www.colocrossing.com) Mention "donation" when ordering any dedicated server and receive your second month free!
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    Ever heard of a company called Premium Dedicated Servers Your posts title could be a bit mis-leading to visitors "Premium Dedicated Servers | $99 | Pure Web Technologies" I know I did at first.
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    If you want more context, check out : http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?2242421-Do-you-think-hosts-should-be-in-business-if-they-can-not-answer-support-tickets... From where he copied the question from
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    I'm selling a TCAdmin v1 owned license (Master). This currently can be used to run V2 of TCAdmin, Once the Beta testing is over you can get 55% off. BIN: £50 ONO PM me for more details please.
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    In my opinion, starting a forum with many sub categories is not a good choice. Like GSPTalk, I'd start it with a few, key categories, and then expand them later, once you have a user base. Otherwise, people might go to the forum and although one category is full of threads, all the others will be empty, and nobody likes to see an empty forum. Start small, then work your way up.
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    Forum Rules Link http://www.gsptalk.com/index.php?/topic/2-forum-rules/page__p__2__hl__rules__fromsearch__1#entry2
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    Advertising Rules You may post one ad every 7 days.You must have at least 5 quality posts before posting an ad.You may not belittle, criticize, talk down upon, "trash", or disrespect in another member's advertisement thread. This includes comments such as "Your website is horrible…", "I can get a better deal at…", "Your pricing is way to high…", etc.Attempts to deceive, cheat, or defraud community members will result in a ban.A maximum of 2 colors and 2 font styles are allowed. Please keep the ad clean and professional.Any offer regarding hosting should contain a URL to the provider's website.
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    Few things are synonymous with what I would call the hay day of competitive gaming. Fatal1ty, Game Deamons, CAL, CPL, Team3D, SK... and GriffenRun Having quit gaming over 10 years ago now, fantastic seeing some old faces in a new light.
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    I love it! ** now to find some place to sneak it in, my new layout doesnt leave much
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    COLOCROSSING.COM - 50% OFF FIRST MONTH - Dedicated Servers for Discerning Customers ColoCrossing.com, a WEB HOST MAGAZINE Editors' Choice Award Winner, and a leading high-end latency sensitive host, is offering a sale on the following server configurations. Additionally, for clients with needs beyond a single server, we’re offering a FREE AMD X2 system for those interested in signing a year contract three other servers. All deals listed below are month-to-month: Discount: Use code "CHI50" for 50% off your first month on ANY Chicago dedicated server order!! AMD X2 4050e 2.3Ghz 4GB DDR2 RAM 250GB 7200RPM HDD 3500GB Bandwidth Price: Only $99.95 / month with free setup Signup Link: https://billing.colocrossing.com/signup.php?clienttype=144&package=1704 Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz 4GB DDR2 RAM 250GB 7200 RPM HDD 5000GB Bandwidth Price: Only $149.95 / month with free setup Signup Link: https://billing.colocrossing.com/signup.php?clienttype=144&package=1705 - cPanel: $25 / month - TCAdmin: $15 / month - Windows 2003 STD: $22 / month - Windows 2008 STD: $28 / month - Linux / FreeBSD: No Charge - Additional IPs available with justification Servers are available in (click to learn more about our datacenters): - Chicago - Dallas - New York City - San Jose Select servers also available in Seattle and Washington DC (email sales if you are interested in Seattle or DC). All servers are covered under our 100% Network Uptime SLA (http://www.colocrossing.com/network/). All orders include access to our 24/7 support center, custom management portal (with remote reboot) and IPKVM services by request. Contact us if you have any questions: Website: www.colocrossing.com Email: sales@colocrossing.com Phone: Toll-free at 800-518-9716 AIM: ColoCrossing Thank you!
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    We need to make an official celebration thread for post goals LOL
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    My suggestion is to give it up and let GSPtalk become the new community. You already burned too many bridges. Try to contribute to this existing community vs. attempting to divide it up by resurrecting a dead site.
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    Agreed. I learned a long time ago that the amount of love you give a community is the amount you get out of it. Sure we might not own it, make gains from advertising, etc but I now have a good number of contacts and brilliants opinions to converse with each and everyday! The mods and owners have done a great job. And I have to admit I absolutely love IPB
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    I practice Safe Computing™, and when that's not possible I use Kaspersky
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    When I used them for my public servers, I found their support to be amazing. I've been with NFo, Summit, and the likes. Can't say anything bad about their support.
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    Ok here are a few screenshots I took of my GSP-PANEL install. I'm not very impressed with it. It's not ugly, but it's not very visually stimulating either like some other panels. Once I got all the required ports open, things were working fine. One thing that I don't really like about the panel is it starts srcds as a service. I haven't used too many other panels before, but one thing I appreciate about my current panel is it starts as an application. That way if a client is having difficulty with something, I can login remote desktop, and look for any errors in the console. It has a webFTP system, but unfortunately whenever I clicked the webFTP link in each gameserver it just showed a directory is empty error. The FTP system works fine though, even when the WebFTP service didn't. I had a CS:S server running for about two days, and it randomly shut down on it's own. When I went to the control panel it said that the server was set to off. Upon starting the server, it gave an error saying the action did not happen. I set this up on two of my dedicated servers, one in Chicago and one in Dallas. Both identical specs, and software. The Chicago system was working fine. The dallas system though was not able to create new directories and copy game files from the local repository. The debug text document just said the action failed, which isn't much information. And the final issue I had was the status monitoring. It looked like it had a pretty good status monitoring system, however the server would ALWAYS come up as being offline. I had all the necessary ports opened, and the server was indeed (as it showed up in the steam servers list, and I was able to play on it) I did contact customer support about most of the issues, and I got a reply in 15 hours or so. However I had my customers test it, and not very many of them liked the look of the panel. I'm going to continue some more work with this panel, and see if I can get things to work properly, but so far I am not very impressed. I believe the very first release of this panel was in Sept. 2010, so it's quite new, and likely needs some more improvement. I tested this on my linux vps (for the master) and two windows 2003 dedicated servers. I did not test it on a linux platform for the remote systems. I do encourage you to test this panel out for yourself, as there is a 30 day free trial. I didn't take very many screenshots, as most of the pages all look the same. There are all the features you should expect though. Update systems, addons, etc. Client view server settings Admin view manage games Admin view manage games
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    2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
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    You can find them mostly from reputable licensed teamspeak sellers. I believe Teamspeak themselves has a list of official providers. found some here: http://www.bargainvoice.com/teamspeakResellers.php and also I believe gameservers.com has a reseller now for all 3 vent, teamspeak, mohawk