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  2. If he is a gamer I recommend you to gift him dice game bitcoin to start the new career. It will be a good start because if he has the good skill he will show it in a game where it`s possible to earn money using cryptocurrency and there is no problem to transfer it into the real one. Honestly, If I was him, I would very happy for such a present
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  4. Sometimes I like to watch porn at home alone. I prefer blondes and hot porn. I'm sure all men watch porn. Tell me what porn stars you love the most?
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  9. I dream to meet a beautiful Ukrainian girl, but it's not so easy to do on the street. Advise a good place to meet?
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  15. Cool game!
  16. See this website, here you can watch the robots for training the game of ping pong.
  17. Constant practice with a good player, I also advise you to sign up for a lesson with a coach.
  18. Guys, how to study play ping pong very good?
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  20. I read news from various sources.
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  24. I noticed there is a lot of spam on the site. Is this site still in use as there doesn't appear to be any mod's to clean it up.
  25. So what gaming control panels are the better ones and on what OS?
  26. Summer is coming soon, so I can share with you a good idea for a gift. This is a gadget that will surprise your tempted friend, have a peek at this web-site. Cooling blanket, really cool idea?
  27. Radio-controlled helicopter
  28. My friend is interested in all sorts of interesting gadgets. What can you give him? What is the original gadget?
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