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  3. With Bitcoin, miners use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a smart way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more people to mine. Bitcoin miners help keep the Bitcoin network secure by approving transactions. Mining is an important and integral part of Bitcoin that ensures fairness while keeping the Bitcoin network stable, safe and secure.
  4. I guess there are millions of young (and not only) people seeking just the same answer. I guess the biggest weapon of a good miner is knowledge. Who possesses information - possesses the whole world. I highly recommend to check this excelllent guide on basics of blockchain technology .
  5. After the recent Google update about Website speed, I have checked loading time of all my WordPress websites and blogs, the minimum number I have found is 9 seconds and as per Google guidelines it should be under 4 second, I heard that managed hosting helps to reduce web load time, please suggest me good managed WordPress hosting that can help me managing server and fixing load time.
  6. is a game server hosting service for those who want easy, fast and advanced game servers. Currently we only have Garry's Mod servers but within the week we will be getting Minecraft, CSGO, CSS, and TF2. Pricing For Garry's Mod servers it is $7.99 for 32 slots or $13.99 for 64 slots but you can always customize fully up to the 128 max. Currently using our code "GettingStarted" you can get 30% off any game server. What features does have? - Quality support. Not only do we give support with game servers in general but we also have support reps who can setup plugins, addons and gamemodes for almost every one of our game servers. - One Click Addons - Most of our game servers have one click addons and map packs. We strive to take requests and add a bunch every time we have the option to. - Full FTP Our panels contain full FTP support allowing you to access your servers content through the web or with a program on your computer. - Auto Fast Download Auto fast download allows you to press a button and get a fast download link you simply put on your server. Works with any game that supports it. - Great Location Ancient Server Hosting currently has a Kansas (USA Central) data center where all the servers get hosted. Being central it has great ping all over the United States. - 24 Hour Refund Period Because we know chosing a host is hard and there are so many of them out there we give you a 24 hour full refund period to decide if you wanna keep it. If you change your mind just send a support ticket in. - Discord Server Ancient Server Hosting also has a discord server for you to review us, talk with us or just hang out. It is also a good place to know about outages, scheduled maintance or even new game server releases. So What Are You Waiting For? You will have a 24 hour refund period and get 30% off with coupon "GettingStarted" Get a server from us today at:
  7. I've discovered recently a quick and fair way to get a loan if you need cash right here, right now. Just see and be surprised how technologies allow you to get a loan after filling an application online. I was suspicious myself at first but then my loan was approved and I got money transacted to my credit card. Everything worked fine.
  8. Have you guys ever taken out a loan online? Tell me how it works? I'm a little suspicious and I don't trust unverified companies, but I need the money for me urgently. What say you?
  9. Hi If you want increase the traffic that's headed your way then you've got to pay attention to SEO and advertising. SEO generates much more organic traffic since its based on all the ways in which you improve your site and its content (site speed, UI/UX, keywords etc.) The ratio in which you should use these could depends on your niche, your budget, your products, your content etc. Hope this helped.
  10. Hi Some great white hat techniques that every website should use are: Conducting thorough keyword research. (Using tools like GoogleAdWords: Keyword Planner) Focusing on longer meta descriptions. Optimizing your website for mobile. Planning and creating perfect content. Having great UI/UX. Speeding up your website. (Use plugins and CDNs) Optimizing images. Hope this helped.
  11. Hi When buying a VPS always opt for Dual CPUs, ECC RAM and Dual Hot Swap power supplies. Also make sure that your hosting provider is ready with spares for all your hardware. Hope this helped.
  12. I am sure you will enjoy working with the company This works for customers of all categories and you can get any amount without paperwork and other lengthy procedures. It is enough to leave a request on the website and pick up the money to solve any problems.
  13. Hi, everybody. Please tell me where I can take the money before payday? I wish I didn't have to pay too much interest. Unfortunately, I have nowhere else to go. The Bank refused me because of bad credit history and my friends are also in a difficult financial situation.
  14. Recently I spend a lot of time exploring website. I am a new guy to thе foreign exchange market аnd as far as I want tо reach success, I try tо educate more аnd thе resource helps а lоt. I think that it's thе only right аpproach.
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  16. Hi When it comes to blogging platforms is definitely one of the best and most popular. It's a great software and it gives you control over all aspects of your website. As you go on you can add many other new features to your website as well. However there are many other blogging platforms like (the free counterpart of, Blogger, Medium, Joomla, Ghost and Tumblr. They all have their own pros and cons and are great blogging platforms. Hope this helped.
  17. In all over the world, there are lots of web development and designing companies are working to promote the digital marketing strategies for the business. This one of the basic and first plan to do business in this era and in this stage of the marketing.
  18. I also support the view that Facebook is a great solution for promoting products or services. So I bought three additional accounts on the site and now I actively advertise my handmade goods. You know, my business has started to develop, which I am very happy about.
  19. HOSTOLX is an industry leader in professional website designing, strategy, development, and hosting in Auckland. The company develops and improves professional websites for customers across a wide range of industries, including advertising, communications, fashion, finance, e-commerce, law, medical and health, construction, insurance, and real estate. Our top notch website developers committed to fantastic customer service will not let you down. Website designing has always been our core service, but as our team has grown we have added a full suite of online marketing services to better service our customers. We can help you climb the ranks of search engines, and showcase your business online with a website that uses today’s technology. We deliver innovative Website designing solutions in Auckland to our clients by helping them identify their most important business and technology opportunities and capitalizing on them. We also provide solutions to help them overcome their most complex and critical challenges.
  20. You can use different ways to get traffic, For example Google Ads or target at facebook. But you should know that if you don't have exciting sales letter, you won't earn money... So the main skill that you should learn it's copywriting. If you don't have any time like a businessman, you can get one-to-one writing help at tis link . Have you ever heard anything about this?
  21. I guess I'm the only one playing at a good proven casino. My friend advised me to try to read at online casino canada review. And now I'm a regular customer at a canadian casino. I prefer to play only slots, but it gives me good financial opportunities.
  22. Hi To get traffic to your website SEO is very important. Optimize your website, research on keywords, optimize it for mobile devices etc. to get SEO results. Consistent posting on social media and planning your marketing strategy well is crucial. At the end of the day it all depends on what your niche is and where they go to look for the product you offer. Hope this helped.
  23. Hi A VPS would be fine to host a game server if it would be doing just that. VPS don't have the same capacity of a dedicated server. However cloud servers would be a better option due to their scalability and uptime. VPS isn't as scalable as cloud for when more players join in. Also for a game to be constantly available the uptime of a cloud server is great. Hope this helped.
  24. Agree with the last commenter. Blog commenting can make your website look more trustworthy for search engines, but it is just a part of complicated seo strategy. Perfectly backlinks must look natural which means diverse, I order link building services from professional team only.
  25. I prefer watching NHL games, this sport is much more fascinating in my opinion. And it's also great that I know where to get the best hockey betting tips so my hobby allows me to earn some money which is a nice bonus.
  26. Good time! Good partner Supply Chain Consultant, cooperation with him has brought significant benefits and good results in the warehouse logistics complex and planning for the lean and safe delivery of goods. Recommend.
  27. I have been mined for 2 years and I still use only Blockchain and a bitcoin blender, but I know there are a bunch of cool services.
  28. Guys, I want to become the best miner, but just started. Tell me what tools are best for this use?
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